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Dreams to Reality







Young Genius Nazir Alston seeks support for Cure Intentions of Sickle Cell
by Maurice Henderson

Nazir Alston is a young filmmaker trying to climb the ladder of success in the entertainment business.  He hopes his next project will elevate him to a stature most often unreachable for someone his age.  At 16 years old and a student at String Theory High School, Nazir is now focusing on something more touching and personally relative to his life experiences.

He is reaching out for support and sponsorship of a film documentary that will chronicle that challenges that he and other teens face and encounter while living with Sickle Cell. This disease has not diminished his talent, skills and abilities, academically or creatively.  For years he has attended the annual Sickle Cell summer camp to learn and overcome the battles that those like him have to endure. He knows that there will be difficult times ahead but he keeps pushing forward with gut and grit.

Most recently Nazir was offered mentorship from a Producer and Talk Show Host at the Black Heritage Network Television Station.  He was also seen filming contestants from the Miss Black America pageant that once again made a triumphant return to Philadelphia.   Rather he is requested to visually capture events at Temple University or the University of Pennsylvania, Nazir is always ready to stake his claim as young pioneering filmmaker.  He was honored with the Young Genius Award by the National Black Arts Spoken Word Tour at ceremonies held at the Rotunda Theater in University City and continues to attract attention and residuals from his work featured on Youtube. Currently being guided and nurtured by his father and former Temple University student Robert, this young Alston boy has also filmed events featuring DJPoet, Malcolm Gladwell and Christian Rudder.  He has so impressed the faculty at his school that he was invited to be one of the youngest panelist at the NAMEL Conference.

Nazir has really got no time to fool around and continues to upgrade his craft of filmmaking and photography while running his own company NKA Creations, LLC. He refuses to look at his health condition with anger or spite and knows that there are better days ahead.  He says about his homestead of Philly that "It can be a tough city to grow up in, but I have to make the best out of what I have. I don't come from the most privileged circumstances, but i wasn't poor either. I graduated from to a mediocre elementary, with kids who appeared lethargic with a grey future. I always had this exuberant ambition to succeed in life, and prove to everyone that I would do so. The cookie cutter American was something that I didn't want to be. My family noticed this and helped make achieve my goal"

There is something special and positive about this young African-American male and you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. He seeks to change the world in a very fantastic way. He needs alot of support and deserve it. If any reader knows of an individual or company that can help him reach his goals, especially his film venture surrounding Sickle Cell, please reach out to him by calling 267-231-0830 or


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